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Press Kit

Download the Press Kit

Download the press kit to get all important information about the WunderMail app in a compact format:

Download the PDF here:  WunderMail_Press_Kit


High Resolution Assets

HeroPicture (3840×2160)

SurfacePro Frontal (2560×1650)

SurfacePro Side NoMailOpend (3840×2292)

SurfacePro Side MailOpend (3840×2292)

Illustration transparent (2420×1755)

Illustration grey (2420×1755)

Logo Poster (1440×2160)

Logo Square (2160×2160)

Screen NoMailOpend (3000×2000)

Screen MailOpend (3000×2000)

StoreScreen-1 (1814×1021)

StoreScreen-2 (1814×1021)

StoreScreen-3 (1814×1021)

StoreScreen-4 (1814×1021)

StoreScreen-5 (1814×1021)

StoreScreen-6 (1814×1021)